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These students were SPOTted demonstrating
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BYOD at Open House - Thursday Night

At Salem we are bringing you a Bring Your Own Device program to improve, engage and promote student learning utilizing personal devices. Students will have the option of bringing personal devices to connect to an open network at our school. Your students will be responsibly using their device to enhance their learning either individually or in groups. Students will be more engaged, creative, and better problem solvers with the use of personal devices. Our teachers will guide your child into higher level thinking by using a variety of informational sources and applications. Welcome to our WiFi school!
Minimum requirements for devices

  • A tablet, Nook, iPad, laptop, smartphone, etc. that can access a wireless server. Today most devices have built in wireless cards, but older models may need to have an external wireless adapter.
  • A minimum of 1G memory in order to process materials found on the Internet. Dual processor level or higher.
  • An Internet Browser such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and/or Internet Explorer on your device.

Your child's classroom teacher will be asking about whether or not you are willing to let your child bring a device to school and what type of device it might be. This is a survey only and does not commit your child to bringing a device.

After a successful pilot year with a limited number of staff members last year, we are opening up this program to all students and teachers at Salem Elementary.

Future Salem Calendar Result


Thank you all for your constructive feedback regarding the potential calendar change. Staff and board members paid close attention to all viewpoints shared online and at the public information session.

At a meeting on July 14, the school board's facilities committee accepted staff's recommendation to keep Salem Elementary and Middle School on the year-round calendar at least through the 2016-17 school year. It is possible that converting Salem to a traditional calendar could be considered for subsequent years.

Thanks to all for your continued support of our school.

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